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From Sand to Stream

I’m captivated by the selection of Scriptures for this first Sunday in Lent  (lectionary readings) which have much to do with this sacred time of preparation for Easter being a period of promise as  God’s draws ever nearer in the acts of repentance, affirmation, retreat, and testing. Below is an […]

Light Blessings

A Call to Worship/Candle-lighting prayer, including a responsive reading of Psalm 147:1-11, 20c (NRSV)  Blessed be you, O Holy Light-fitter, who set the sun in its proper place and scattered the stars across the skies to brighten up our way (the first candle is lit). Blessed be you, Bright Morning […]

Gathering in

A simple call to worship for a multicultural, multigenerational gathering which involves participants wrapping a ball of string around their wrist or waist before passing on to the next person until the entire community is literally joined together. The “gathering” words below can be prayed repetitively until the binding is […]

To the God who dresses dandelions …

Inspired by Philippians 3:17-4:1 O Divine Seamstress, who dresses dandelions in dainty white that with the wind’s gentlest caress they might dance into the light; who decorates the peacock with a thousand gleaming eyes that glisten in moss and midnight hues whenever he’s surprised, who gives the elephant her trunk, the […]