To the God who dresses dandelions …

Inspired by Philippians 3:17-4:1

O Divine Seamstress,
who dresses dandelions in dainty white
that with the wind’s gentlest caress
they might dance into the light;

who decorates the peacock
with a thousand gleaming eyes
that glisten in moss and midnight hues
whenever he’s surprised,

who gives the elephant her trunk,
the cheetah grace and speed,
that they might forage or endure the hunt
according to their need,

who pins the stars upon the sky –
piercing the velvet night,
and hems in the ocean’s awesome power –
creating land and life,

who dreams of a love vast and wide
and all that it can be,
and then – within my mother’s womb –
so tenderly knits me,

help me to see the pattern
when life is just a mess
of You at work for my own good
with care and tenderness.