Blessed to be a blessing

In Genesis 12:1-3, God promises to bless Abram with protection, with fatherhood, with greatness: he will be known throughout the earth for birthing a great nation.

Yet these blessings are not given for Abram and Sara’s enjoyment or fulfilment. They are not a reward for good behaviour or unwavering obedience. Each blessing that they receive is a gift to be passed on to others:

… and you will be a blessing … and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.

This morning I am mindful of the blessings that I have received over almost 40 years of life; particularly in terms of the family that I was born into, the family that I was baptised into, and the family that I chose in marriage and motherhood.

These precious gifts from God are a constant, tangible reminder to me of God’s great love for me: they are the people who truly know me, who encourage me to live authentically, who support my choices and hold my hand when I get myself into trouble, who appreciate my nonsense and encourage my story-telling, who tell me truth that is hard to hear with gentleness and integrity, who laugh and play and love and cry and dare and die with me.

Gift-giving God, forgive me when I take such blessings for granted;
when I am so consumed with the longing for bigger, better, more
that I fail to see the immensity of love that surrounds me.

Self-giving God, help me to give as generously –
of words of affirmation and acknowledgment,
and postures of prayer and support,
that I, who am so greatly blessed, may in turn become a blessing.

What is that blessing that I believe I am called to be in the world around me? 

I believe my vocation is to use the creativity so lovingly nurtured by teachers and family and friends to create spaces in which others can connect with God, with themselves, and with others.