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Perfect peace

One of the things that I love most about Scripture is how you can thumb past a passage time and time again without it having any real connection until, WHAM!, one day when you are in a particular spiritual space, it suddenly comes into focus. This morning, the few lines […]

Blessed to be a blessing

In Genesis 12:1-3, God promises to bless Abram with protection, with fatherhood, with greatness: he will be known throughout the earth for birthing a great nation. Yet these blessings are not given for Abram and Sara’s enjoyment or fulfilment. They are not a reward for good behaviour or unwavering obedience. Each blessing […]

The Best Way of Living

Once upon a time there were people who lived terrible, painful, back-breaking, heart-aching lives in a country called Egypt. They were not Egyptians. They were slaves to the Egyptians. They hungered and they thirsted and they worked. They worked and they hungered and they thirsted under the baking heat of […]

Prodigal Daughters

Meditating on Charlie Mackesy’s sculpture of the prodigal son returned home to his father’s embrace while on retreat this weekend, I felt God saying clearly to me: “Beloved daughter, flesh of my flesh and heart of my heart, how I have yearned to be the arms you run to; to wrap […]

God of the Upside-Down

Oh God of the Upside-Down, You turn chaos into the order and the beauty of creation, The simplicity of water into the fragrance and the fellowship of wine, The desolation of mourning and ashes into the anointing of oil and gladness. Come into our lives with Your transforming power. Shake […]

Chasing Rainbows

Amidst all of the spring-cleaning of the last few days, I came across a rosary that I had purchased in order to experiment with a variety of prayer techniques set out in a course on deepening our spiritual roots and I remembered the richness that it had offered me in terms […]


That God gives us community as a means of a grace, as the context in which we work out our faith, is, at times, a wondrous gift; at others, a bizarre and even cruel joke. Community, in its messiness, its transience, its unreliability, its apathy, and its cliques, can sometimes […]

Life-loving and love-living God

An opening prayer for Sunday services based on Psalm 23 and Matthew 22:1-14. Interspersed with verses from “Be still and know that I am God.” Leader: Oh life-loving and love-living God, You are the Lord of the Dance, The Provider of the Feast, The Host who welcomes us with open arms, […]