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Epiphany: showing forth God’s secrets

Epiphany is, perhaps, my favourite of the Christian festivals and rituals. Occurring twelve days after Christmas – that is, on the 6th of January – it is a Greek word meaning “showing forth” or “sudden appearance.” Commonly used within the English language to refer to a sudden revelation, it is, for […]

Beyond Christmas

Over this season we celebrate not some distant, historical event, but the recurring truth through which we live each day with hope and courage: God is with us! In the midst of our joys and our triumphs: God is with us! In bread broken with family and friends, and stories […]

Watchmen on the wall

It’s an old fear. One which countless children eventually grow out of. One which few adults will ever admit to having. Fear of the dark – and of the unknown, the unseen, that lurks within it. A fear so common that an entire movie genre has spawned from it – […]

There’s a Light upon the mountains

Each Christmas our lectionary readings take us into familiar territory with its inherent danger of boredom and stagnation. Yet as I skimmed the oft-thumbed pages, two songs of my childhood emerged and merged within my imagination bringing a forth a new song of praise and wonder reflected in the liturgy for […]

Advent 4: Participating in a new plan

On the final Sunday of Advent we are invited to become more than spectators to Christ’s coming; participants in God’s new plan for all people to know God’s gift of salvation. This week’s readings are: Micah 5:2-5a – the promise of shepherd ruler with an ancient and strong ancestry being birthed […]

Advent 3: People of Peace

While the second Sunday of Advent calls us to be people who who make straight that which is crooked and who set an example of an alternative way of life, this week’s lectionary readings focus on peace (from inner turmoil and anxiety, as well as within our community living) as the […]

Advent 2: Preparing the Way

Whereas last week’s readings invited us to see the signs God’s needed presence, we must do more than pray, “Come, Lord Jesus, come into the dark and despairing places of our lives, our world.” The second Sunday of Advent calls us to be people who prepare the way: who make […]