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Quote: Trinity

“What the doctrine of the Trinity is telling us is that God is fundamentally a relational being… The Father, Son and Spirit live in conversation, in a fellowship of free-flowing togetherness, and sharing and delight – a great dance of shared life that is full and rich and passionate, creative […]


We style it up Or dress it down; Take it seriously Or play the clown; Adjust the strap, Turn the dial; “Easy to program” – For a while …. We count them off, The minutes and hours; Pretentious masters Of infinite powers. But when our hearts stop And the ticking […]

A Woman’s Creed

In preparing for my last session in our “From Queens to Prostitutes” course in Women’s Month, I came across this powerful and moving creed by Rachel C. Wahlberg from Prayers & Poems, Songs & Stories Ecumenical Decade: Churches in Solidarity With Women. May it help you to draw closer to the God who created […]

Dancing with Love

“May I have this dance?” you ask, holding out a hand that shaped the moon and set the stars in place. “I’d be honoured,” I reply, offering my grubby digits a little timidly. You bow gracefully. I curtsy self-consciously. As you weave your fingers through mine and pull me close, your arm wrapping […]


A guided meditation for sensitising people to the Spirit of God with and within them… to be read slowly with periods of silence between paragraphs. *** Make yourself comfortable. Lie down or sit in a comfortable position – body relaxed, heavy, relying on the support of the floor or a […]