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As part of our journey during the Season of Creation, the Loop has created space for our community to encounter God in earth, humanity, sky, mountains and through the blessing of animals in different ways. This past Friday, we enjoyed the quiet out in Uranquinty, simply staring at the stars and […]

Quote: Trinity

“What the doctrine of the Trinity is telling us is that God is fundamentally a relational being… The Father, Son and Spirit live in conversation, in a fellowship of free-flowing togetherness, and sharing and delight – a great dance of shared life that is full and rich and passionate, creative […]


We style it up Or dress it down; Take it seriously Or play the clown; Adjust the strap, Turn the dial; “Easy to program” – For a while …. We count them off, The minutes and hours; Pretentious masters Of infinite powers. But when our hearts stop And the ticking […]

A Woman’s Creed

In preparing for my last session in our “From Queens to Prostitutes” course in Women’s Month, I came across this powerful and moving creed by Rachel C. Wahlberg from Prayers & Poems, Songs & Stories Ecumenical Decade: Churches in Solidarity With Women. May it help you to draw closer to the God who created […]

Dancing with Love

“May I have this dance?” you ask, holding out a hand that shaped the moon and set the stars in place. “I’d be honoured,” I reply, offering my grubby digits a little timidly. You bow gracefully. I curtsy self-consciously. As you weave your fingers through mine and pull me close, your arm wrapping […]


A guided meditation for sensitising people to the Spirit of God with and within them… to be read slowly with periods of silence between paragraphs. *** Make yourself comfortable. Lie down or sit in a comfortable position – body relaxed, heavy, relying on the support of the floor or a […]