A child of books ….

We are a children of books,
a people of stories
that help us remember where we have come from,
where we are headed,
and who accompanies us along life’s way.

We have a word to offer,
a message of hope and of comfort
with which we have been entrusted –
not to hold onto or hoard for ourselves
but to give away
to the lost and the lonely,
the prisoner and the poor,
the burdened and the battered and the blind.

What promise might God fulfil through you this day
if you were to speak God’s truth,
share your story,
and offer your gifts in the service of another?

May God who spoke the world into being,
Who proclaimed our forgiveness even as he suffered upon the cross,
and Who comforts, encourages, admonishes and inspires us even today weave our words and witness into the greatest love story of all.


About Yvonne Ghavalas

A minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, sharer of stories, sandwich enthusiast, seeker, and sometimes fool (archaic), sporadic blogger at liturgies4life.com

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