Welcome to liturgies4life

The word “liturgy” comes from the Ancient Greek,  leitourgiameaning “the work of the people.”  As such, liturgy refers to more than lines upon a page or what is done in Sunday worship.  Liturgy is life lived out day by day in anticipation of the finding the presence of God, alive and active, within our world.

My dream and desire for this space is that it becomes a place of refreshing and renewal; a breather in the midst of the often-times unrelenting rhythm of our lives in which we can open ourselves up to God’s presence.

To this end, posts are categorised into 5 sections:

  • 4belonging – liturgies and prayers that can be used in celebrating community life such as baptism and marriage,
  • 4praying – shorter prayers, for the world and for ourselves,
  • 4creating – poems, photographs and stories that invite us to share in God’s creative power,
  • 4reflecting – sermons and meditations on Scripture, often in accordance with the weekly lectionary readings,
  • 4leading – a new section dedicated to creating and sharing liturgies and prayers that can be used in church gatherings and services.

Please make yourself at home.

Take what you need.

Feel free to comment.

Rest.  Relax.  Breathe.

Yours in Christ,


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