Jonah: a story about calling

This whole situation stinks -worse than three day old air in the belly of a fish.

I don’t want to be here. I never did. But God has pushed me to this place.

I tried to be reasonable. He told me to get up and go, so I did. My own way though, to my own destination.

But God was not happy. He threw me into the deep end. Literally. The people I was travelling with picked me and threw me overboard into the stormy sea.

I felt myself sinking. I cried for help but there was no one for God had abandoned me. The water pressed in around me. I could not breathe. It was cold and dark and I did not know which way was up or down. My lungs began to burn, my body to cry out with the need to breathe. This was it – the end. No sound. No hope. No future.

And then God saved me. In the most inconvenient way. From the space of the wide open ocean and the safety of my ship God put me into the darkness and stink of a great fish’s belly; into the darkness and the stink of my disobedience and the results of my sin. The only light for me in that dark place was the truth that God had spared me and a passion for sharing that truth began to burn in my heart.

So now I am here. I am here because God’s love pursues me – across oceans, to the very depths of the sea; even in the darkness of death God’s love pursues. Through sharing my story others can know that God’s love pursues them too – especially when they feel like life is squeezing them into a sardine tin.

About Yvonne Ghavalas

A minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, sharer of stories, sandwich enthusiast, seeker, and sometimes fool (archaic), sporadic blogger at

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