A Passionate Prayer

An opening prayer for a Wedding ceremony

Let us pray:

Praise be to You O Passion-maker: You made us to crave the company of another when a thousand technicolour stars shoot in every cell of our bodies as eyes meet and hearts beat and we are left a little breathless at the beauty of the other.

Praise be to You O Life-weaver: You take us as we are – shaped and coloured by millions of separate experiences of joy and grief and growth and love and loss and pleasure and You knit us together into something more beautiful than we could ever have imagined.

Praise be to You O Soul-Companion: Your faithfulness is more heartening than old couples laughing at the same time at the same joke shared a hundred times or carrying bags for each other down the street in simple, loving service.

Praise be to You O Story-Teller: Your generous love surrounds us and everything we enjoy comes from You.  This day we pray for the ongoing telling of Love and love in the passion and the living and the companionship of A and and we thank you for the privilege of being part of this portion of their story as we bear witness to their love and to Yours.

In Jesus’ name.